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Adopting professional imported materials, especially the super propellant, this product can effectively and thoroughly remove greasy dirt, gum and carbon deposits inside and outside of the carburetor and choke without disassembling nthem. lt can effectively improve the engine performance, horsepower and combustion effectively, helping save oil and decreasing the gas pollution. It is harmless to binary catalytic cracker and oxygen sensor.

Take down the air filter on the carburetor; start the engine, keep it rub at a idle speed; shake this product fully and then set the injection pipe on the fuel injector; spray some of the liquids (about 1/3) in the float chamber through balance hole, thus clean the orifice and oil away; spray some of the liquids (about 1/3) in the chock and inner wall of carburetor; spray the rest of the liquids on the outside of carburetor to clean sludge and colloid. It is suggested that the carburetor be maintained or cared per 6000km.

Avoid breaking caused by exposure in the sunshine and high temperature for a long time. Do not puncture or incinerate the container. Store it at a temperature lower than 40"C; avoid contacting with the eyes; apply at a well-ventilated place. If contact with eyes accidently, please washing the eyes with clean water for 15 minutes. Keep out of the reach of children. Can considerations: put the used can up side down into a carton or over a piece of newspaper, press the sprayer for 2 minutes to discharge the remaining liquid. In certain circumstances, open the top can and clean it up. DON'T PLACE T IN THE CAR.