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Mascot- -eagle 's story

When Lewis Yang, the initiator of Helioson Co.,Ltd., was flying a kite with his friends on a tract of meadow's hillside in his childhood on a sunlight bright afternoon. They flied the kite higher and higher

Suddenly, an eagle opened its spacious wing from distance, flew directly toward the kite, Lewis and his friends became anxious and worried that the eagle would take their beloved kite as a big bird by mistake and tear it. However, the eagle just turned three circles around the kite,shouted several times lonely, and then flew towards the direction of setting sun directly, Composing a splendid picture with the bright red setting sun. Lewis looked at the lonely back of the eagle. Suddenly, a thought came into his mind: the lonely eagle thought that the kite was its partner

Many years later, Lewis Y ang has grown up, and drifted in a strange land alone, so did most of his friends. They had lost contact with each other, but Lewis Yang missed his partners in the childhood very much. When Lewis started his own business, the picture that the eagle flies towards the setting sun came into his mind again. Therefore, he designed the trademark of his own brand (GETSUN) as a cartoon eaglef lying towards the sun, with the hope that his products can become famous in every corner, so that his friends in the childhood would see this eagler and reminded them of the stories happened in the childhood and reminded of him so that they could meet with each other again

At the same time, Lewis Yang also hopes that everyone who has been out of contact with their friends in the childhood could meet with each other one day...


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