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This product contains strong decontaminant with penetration force and emulsifying and decomposing properties. It can eliminate oils stains, dirt and dust from engine surfaces to keep them bright and new and facilitate engine to emit heat without damage to rubber and plastic parts or paint surfaces. It also can be used to clean oil stain and dirt on the surfaces of industrial machines and other equipments.

1. Start the engine. After 5 minutes, shut it down.
2.Dismount the air filter and cover the vehicle carburetor and distributor block.
3.This product must be shaken before spraying it onto the engine surface
4.After 5 minutes, clean with air or cloth.

1.Please don’t spray this product on the object contacted directly with food;
2.When spraying, the can must be kept upwards and vertical, and the angel between it and the level should be not less than 45 degrees;
3.Please spray it at a good ventilation place;
4.If this product is splashed into eyes, wash them immediately with clean water, and then seek medical advice;
5.If swallow it by mistake, immediately induce vomit and see the doctor.
6.This product is inflammable. It must be stored below 40degrees centigrade far away from heat and flame. It’ s forbidden to store it in the hot sun or break or burn the package can;
7.The net weigh and gross weigh will be changed with time. It's normal for the product like aerosol. Wastage rate is not more than 2%/year.
Keep it out of reach of children.

1. Turned the used can upside-down on some old newspapers or in a dustbin. Press the spray head for about 2 minutes to eliminate the rest material in it;
2.If necessary, make a big hole in the used can to eliminate the rest material in it.