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G-9055 Palm Car Wash Wax 410ml

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Product details

●Rich foam deep cleans dirt and grime.
●Shines all car finishes to look like new.
●Protects paint between waxings.
Wash and wax your car in one easy step. GETSUN's concentrated  formula deep cleans dirt, grime ,bugs and tar stains. Plus GETSUN  leaves pure Carnauba wax  shine and protection every time you wash .

1.Add 1 oz.(30ml) of GETSUN to 1 gallon (4 liters) of water in bucket. 2.Rinse loose dirt off car starting with top. 3.Using soft cloth or mitt , wash and rinse one section at a time starting with the top. 4.Rinse entire car and wipe dry.

Use on a cool car surface .keep from freezing.  Keep out of the reach of children.

Contains<5% cocamid  betain anionic  surfactant (CAS NOS.:68584-22-5), <5%  benzene sulfonic  acid anionic surfactant (CAS NOS.:68584-22-5), <5% Lauramine Oxide amphoteric surfactant (CAS NOS.:1643-20-5).