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1.New molecular synthesis technology, add organic silicon polymer to strengthen the protection of car paint for a longer time.
2.Prevent high temperature oxidation and fading.
3.Prevent paint surface corrosion and blackening,eliminate damages from long time outdoor parking, It can also resist pollutants, acid rain and other bad environment towards car paint corrosion and damages, avoid paint oxidation and blackening.

1. Wash the car body with car wash fluid and wipe it dry.
2.Apply a sponge and draw circles on the car body. Waxing successively from the car bonnet, front fender, roof, door, rear fender and trunk to make the wax appears fish-scale effect on the paint surface.
3.After waxing, wait for 5-10 minutes to dry the wax naturally,until the wax is slightly white and touch like powdery form.
4.Take a microfiber towel, fold it neatly into a rectangle, and polish the paint on the car like a leather shoe. Wipe off extra wax after drying until the car is shiny as new.
1. Avoid using the product in the sun.
2.Wax the painted parts of car body only. It is forbidden to wax the non-painted parts such as sealing strips and chrome-plated parts.
3.Keep away from children, if inhaled, please seek medical advice immediately.