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This product is the powerful grinding and treatment agent for serious blemish on coating surface. When using together with polishing machine and wool wheel with the rotating speed of 1500-1800rmp/min, it can remove creasing surface. GETSUN RUBBING COMPOUND is a heavy cut, machine-applied rubbing compound that can remove sand scratches and severe oxidation layer from acrylic lacquer paint.

1.1. Clean the car and wipe out the water.
2.2. apply it with polishing machine at a rotating speed of 1500-1800rmp/min. and rub step and around 0.5m2/step
3.3. do not stay and rub a place for too long at a time

Keep out the reach of children. In case of eye contact, wash with running water immediately and then turn to a doctor; store it at a place below 40℃; do not put it in the car; keep it away from heat and flame; insolation, puncture and burning of the can are forbidden.