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G-7129 Super Oil Treatment

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Product details

Adopting professional formula, this product deploys engine oil improving additive refined with high-tech. It contains special viscosity index improvers that could improve the viscosity feature of the engine oil under poor weather and operation environment to maintain its performance and prevent the invalid decomposition to reduce the generation of various deposits. Thus it could reduce the consumption of the oil and effectively avoid cylinder score, bearings burning and other troubles to extend the life expectancy of the engines

1.first replace with new engine oil and start the engine to make it go to the normal temperature. 2. Add this product into the engine that is just replaced with new engine oil. Run it at idle speed for no less than 15 minutes. 3. Add one can to the 4-6 cylinder engine and two cans to the engine with more than 8 cylinders. 
this product is suitable for small, medium and large-size gasoline and diesel engine.

1.only use this product when the engine oil chamber is clean and the engine oil is replaced. 2.in case that the inside of the engine is dirty, please use GETSUN 5-min motor flush to clean the inside and replace the engine oil and primary oil filter and then use this product. 3.store this product in a dry and cool place with temperature below 45℃. 4.do not swallow and keep the children away from this product.
* If swallowed, induce vomiting at once and then get medical help. 
* For eye contact, wash with large amount of water immediately. 
* If feeling uncomfortable when working with this product, stop working at once and keep calm.