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G-1201B Car Polish Wax

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Product details

  This product has the function of polishing, can remove the stubborn dirt on the paint surface thoroughly and instantly, and form a flexible protective film to prevent the car paint from water, static, oxidation and UV rays so as to maintain the shinning luster of car paint.
1.1. clean and then dry the car body
2.2. apply this product with sponge evenly onto the car body
3.3. wipe the wax off with soft clean towel after 5-10 mins when the wax turns into solidification
4.4. clean the towel and cover this product after use
1.1. do not apply it when car body is overheating
2.2. store this product at a cool and well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight
3.3. keep away from children
4.4. If splash into eyes, please wash with running water immediately.