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Product details

●Specially use for alloying wheel rim.
●Clean up dirt, stains and filths which were taken from car braking.
●Doesnt included any material that makes wheel rim frayed.
●To use it periodically makes wheel rim bright and rilliance as new, protecting from dirt and deposit.

1. Spray to the wheel rim which cooled off util wet through;
2. Permeate within 30 seconds;
3. Wash up the rim thoroughly by hydraulic giant with high pressure;
4. Wipe dried the wheel rim with a clean, soft cloth;
5. To get best effect, wipe with a dry towel or a soft brush.

1. Should choice the place which makes water evaporate easily to avoid waterpermeating into the river, rivulet or lake;
2. Avoid contacting eyes or skins for long time, if contact eyes unfortunately, please wash with water and go to see a doctor;
3. Please don't puncture or burn the can;
4. Store away from heat resource or hot place over 48C;
5. Keep out of reach of children.

1. Do not use this cleaner for the car wheel rim with soft factory pr-otective film;
2. Do not use this cleaner for the car wheel rim sprayed with recolored spray film;
3. This cleaning agent is suitable for the surface cleaning of alumi-num alloy wheel rim.