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Applying unique solvent, environmental and free of chlorofluorocarbon and non toxin, the product can instantly remove and clean the asbestos dust and oil dirt from the disc brake and drum break Bof the braking system, enable the braking system to remain excellent braking performance so as to assure a safe driving.

●Apply the product in a well-ventilated place, and shake up the product in the container before spraying it. ●Place the oil collecting tray under the parts which need cleaning. ●Fix the sprinkler jet on the nozzle, and with a distance of 15 25cm, spray the product on the  surface of the disc brake or hub brake assemblies for automobiles and other brake parts.●As for the heavily oilpolluted parts, you could spray the product on these parts for several times, and then clean the oil stain with rags or a brush.●After cleaning, dry the cleaning parts with high-pressure air. Before assembling the brake parts, your must make sure that these brake parts are completely dry. Otherwise, the performance for the brakes parts will decline for the time being. ●After the cleaning and assembling process, you need to test the brake power for twice or three times. After you make sure the brake performance, then you could drive.

●lIt is forbidden to apply the product when the engine is running; otherwise, it will cause fire.●lt is forbidden for eye or skin contact or swallowing. If swallowed, induce vomiting at once and then get medical help. 0 The product could dissolve the paint. A sensibility test should be made for the rubber pipes, which have a possible contact with the product. It is forbidden to stab or burn the tin. 
●The product is flammable and should be away from heat or fire; it should be stored in a ventilated, dry and cool place.●Don't put the product near the front or back windows of the automobile, and it should also be kept away from the auto seats or the hot air outlet on the auto fan.●lt is forbidden to stab or burn the tin. The tins can be recycled after the liquid in the tin is completely used up.●Keep the product away from children.