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●Wil not corrode the tyre or rust the steel rim. ●Contains special anti-Tyre-bursting chemical ,which can prevent blow-out or Tyre bursting by over 80%. ●One infusion of recommended volume can automatically repair Tyre punctures(inner tube up to 6.8mm,motorbike tubeless Tyre up to 10mm,car tubeless Tyre up to 18mm) for over 50 times during an effective term of 6 months,Will not cause adhesion between Tyre And rim. ●Performs well in an environment between -2C to 90 C ,nontoxic,Uninflammable,Nonvolatile.

A.Remove the valve stem of the Tyre and deflate the Tyre completely.
B.Shake the botle and connect to the Tyre valve.Press the botle.then pour the particles into the Tyre.
C.Clean up the valve and reinstall the valve core.lnflate the Tyre to right gauge.

●If tire leaks during inflation,rotate tire to distribute sealant to puncture area. Do not use this product on old, low quality tires or tire with unmatched inner tube. ●NOTE: It is recommended that you do not exceed 120km/hr for sedan cars, SUV s,and medium cars after you have infused to the tire Sealant.If your cartires has TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System). this product may affect the reading accuracy.