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G-9023 Dashboard Polish

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It contains protective polishing wax speially used for instrument desk. At the time of cleaning, its effective ingredient can form a bright protective film on the surface of instrument desk. The film is not only static-free, uV-cut, anti-aging, but also can prevent all kinds of bacteria from growing, SO that it can prevent the infection of bacteria, thus protecting your famlies' and your health. This product also can be used on the surface of cars, leather, synthetic leather and furniture to make them clean and glossy. 

Shake up this product fully before using, make sure that the can is upright, spray it at a distance of 15-20cm evenly, and then wipe it with soft dry rag ti训it is bright.

Avoid breaking caused by exposure in the sunshine and high temperature for a long time. Do not puncture or incinerate the container. Store it at a temperature lower than 40°C ; apply at a well-ventilated place. Avoid contacting with the eyes; if contact with eyes accidently please washing the eyes with clean water for 15minutes. Keep out of the reach of children. Can considerations: put the used can up side down into a carton or over a piece of newspaper, press the sprayer for 2 minutes to discharge the Temaining liquid. In certain circumstances, open the top cap and clean it up. DO NOT PLACE T IN THE CAR.