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G-9001 Silt Loose Spray

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Product details

This product adopts the newest and various biodegradable indifferent gentle surface active agents composed. With high emulsification decentralization ability, it can loose the dust and silt on the surface of the car body, reduce the workload during washing the ca ar, can instead the high foam car shampoo to shot the washing time and save the water ; spray this item before washing is more better.

Spray the mix evenly onto the vehicle body; wash with high pressure water jet after 30s.

1. keep out of the reach of children. 2. Place it at cool and dry conditions. 3. Avoid direct sunlight; 4. In case of eye contact or swallowing, wash with running water immediately and then get medical care. Do not drank, if not carfully swallowing, please immediately trigger vomiting, splash in to the eyes, rinse with copious amounts of water and requested medical treatment.