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G-9035E boxed


Product details

This product is made by original import sterilant, can kill the gram-negative bacteria, positive bacteria, mold and other harmful bacteria in the air conditioner, also can inhibit the rebirth of all kinds of bacteria for a long time. It is convenient to use, under the condition of doors and windows closed, press the sprayer gently, can release the sterilant automatically. During the whole operation, it’s easy and safe, and do no harm to human body; also the active ingredients volatilize fast, won’t moisten the upholstery and spare parts inside the car.

Start the engine, turn the A/C to “OFF”, and set it to “Cooling”, strong breeze and internal recycle. Shake this product and press the special sprayer, tip it and insert into the box hole, then open it and put it under the front seat. Close the doors and windows, run the engine for 10min, and open the heater to evaporate the residue cleanly.

1. Do not swallow this product.
2. Do not apply the product under direct sunlight or overheated car body.
3. Store it in a place with the temperature of 0℃ to 45℃, avoid store it under direct sunlight for long time.
4. Keep it out reach of children.
5. Do not keep it in the car.

Sterilant, antibacterial agent, absolute ethyl alcohol, essence.