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G-9035 Air conditioning sterilization deodorant (strawberry)

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Product details

This product can effectively decompose the odor source. Containing natural ingredients, it can deep into the inner pipe of air conditioner to remove the odor quickly and get rid of the abnormal flavor from the air outlet of air conditioner, making sure of the durable and fresh fragrance of target areas.

1.Turn off the air conditioner and insert the nozzle of this item into the deep area of it from air outlet. Press the nozzle.
2.Spraying only proper quantity of this item to the car air conditioners is necessary.
3.Please refer to the directions for car air conditioner for the usage of household air conditioner.
Other use: for place difficult to be cleaned like humid areas and corners, spray at a distance of 20-25cm from the target objects.

●Don't place it in the car. Keep out of the reach of children.
●Keep the can upright with the angle between can and horizontal surface no less than 45°.
●Apply at a well-ventilated place.
●In case of splashing into eyes, flush the eyes thoroughly with running water immediately and then seek for medical care.
●If swallowed by accident , induce vomit immediately and then seek for medical attention.
●Store at a place lower than 40℃.keep away from heat and flame. Insolation exposure, puncture or incineration of the can is forbidden.
●The new weight or gross weight may be changed with time being, which is very normal phenomenon for aerosol products. The the loss rate will not exceed 2%per year.