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G-8205A Snow seed 200g





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Getsun environmental refrigerant uses the superior HFC-a (CH2FCF3) refrigerant which do no harm to the ozone layer, is safety and environmental and in high quality. It can satisfy the usage for every car air condition(reciprocating or rotary compressor) which uses R-134a as the refrigerant. This product should be used by the professional technicians who acquire the operation skill to fill the car air condition gas or under their guidance. There is high pressure liquefied gas inside, it may cause the body hurt if not following the direction.

1. Check the inflation valve to be the qualified product before using. Using the inferior inflation valve is forbidden.
2. Make sure the installment of the high and low pressure pipe, valve of the inflation valve and the air condition interface is correct, confirm the high pressure valve of the inflation system is close up tightly. Check the system pressure with pressure gauge before charging air to prevent the pressure inside the can beyond 1Mpa(10Kgf/c m'). 
3. Connect the gas pipe well when charging air, connect one end to the air condition, the other end to the refrigerant can. Rotate the thimble of the inflation valve upside and inverse the refrigerant can, then the refrigerant can charge into the air condition.
4. For correct operation, please refer to the related ilustration or related technical manual of the car air condition.

1. Stay away from fire. Do not put the can on the engine or radiator. Place out of direct sunlight and store under 40C.
2. Do not burn the empty can. Do not store the can to the place with corrosive gas. Do not inflate the can.  The empty can is non-recyclable.
3. Wear the goggles during operation. If splash to the eyes or skin accidentally, wash with large number of clean water at once.
4. Do not make the bottom of the can face to the human body during operation.
5. Stay away from children.