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Air Freshener

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Product details

GETSUN air freshener adopts the newly-developed sterilizing and deodorizing formula and is blended with the world newest floral fragrance. With unique sterilizing and deodorizing performance, it can quickly and effectively eliminate the odor and smoke and purify the indoor air, leaving the room with pleasant fragrance so as to ensure a high level of protection on users' health. It is applicable to the indoor of family, office, hotel, kitchen, toilet and recreation center as well as car, train and ship.

Shake well before each use, hold the can upright and press the sprayer towards the indoor space. Do not spray towards people. If better effect is required, close the door and windows and then spray for 3 to 5 seconds. Fragrance-sensitive individuals must leave before the room is enclosed.

●Read the APPLICATION carefully before use;
●Do not spray this product directly towards paint surface, dashboard, leather seats and light-colored garment in a short distance to avoid changing their original colors or quality;
●Keep out of the reach of children;
●INFL AMMABLE, please store it at a shady, cool and dry place between 0-40C. Keep away from heat source and flame. Insolation, puncture or incineration of the can is forbidden;
●When the product is exhausted, invert the empty can, press the sprayer to discharge the residual liquid and then dispose it at a safety place.

●If splash into eyes, please wash with running water immediately and then seek medical care;
●If feeling un-well during applying of this product, move to a draughty place immediately and take deep breath. In case of serious reactions, seek medical care immediately.