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G-6053 leather engine room coating agent 250ml

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Product details

This products rich in high-content,high-gloss film material,it can form a persistent and shining film on car surface, Using the products has advantage of no tackiness, greasy, sticky ash after completely drying,it is unaffected the shine and adhesion when you clean the engine surface afterward.The overcoat last long time on the leather surface without bad effects on its softness.

1.Clean the operating surface and wipe dry. 2.add a little of this product to the squarely folded nonwovens ,then use the latter thinly apply a layer on the material surface. 3.Wait for 3-5minutes,and use nonwovens to apply one more layer. 4.Expose in the normal temperature and let it completely dry.

1.put on disposable glove before using the product. 2.Do not touch during the process of drying. 3.Do not suggest to use this product on PV and synthetic leather. 4.Try it on inconspicuous spot before use.