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Product details

Please use this product on a sunny day at 10am-3pm. Construction environment should be no dust, ventilated and dry. Step 1 to step 4 should be absence of direct sunlight. Suggest cyclic operation, spray every headlight at first, then do the same spray at the second cycle.
1.Polish: polish the surface of headlight by 2000# waterproof abrasive paper with spongy cushion wood. Polish deeper at severely damaged place. The lamp must be polished to no luster.
2.Cover: clean the lampshade with water, then dry and cover the lampshade around with masking film.
3.0i1 removing wax: remove the Wax, oil and stain with' oil and wax removing wipes or "degreaser,to ensure that the film is adhesive and smooth.
4 Spray: please shake the can gently more than 45 seconds to make the liquid mix evenly. Spray steadily at the distance of 15 to 20 cm. The first time thinly spray, wait for 3 5 min. Then the second time thickly spray, wait for 3-5 min. The third time thinly spray to adjust the thickness where spray too thin on the lampshade. Until the lampshade is gloss, average and neatly.
5.Dry: wait for 3-5 min after spraying, expose it in the sun for more than 20 min, then this product can rapidly solidify by absorbing UV rays.

1. The best spraying temperature is 20 to 30 C, too high or too low will have influence.
2. If splash into eyes, wash with clean water immediately, and then seek for medical treatment. Mistake touch can be washed by toothpaste or hand cream.
3. Inhalation of gas or swallow will cause stimulation to the body.
4. When spraying, keep the can upright with the angle between can and horizontal surface no less than 45°
5. High pressure inside, please store it below 40 C. Please do not put in the car, far away from heat and flame, don't expose in the sun. Keep out of reach of children. It's forbidden to puncture or burn the can.
6. Don't use it when the coated surface is under high temperature, please don't use  beyond the prescribed scope .
7. This product belongs to the aerosol products, the net weight and gross weigh may be changed with time being. Wastage rate will not exceed 2% per year.
8. This product doesn't work for deep scars, internal stains of lampshade and the metamorphic problem beyond the surface.
9. Note: it's not suitable if the lights have gone crack. Period of validity: 3 years Production Date:See Bottom of can