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G-1002 glass coating 100ml

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Combined with specific fluoroplastic particles, this product adopts the world-class top technique with super F12 anti-corrosive agent added to. After applied, it can form on the windscreen a very thin and unique coating, which is rather smooth and has excellent drying performance So when the rain drops on the windscreen, it will move away instanty So that you can drive freely and safely in the rain. Its durability is amazing, which can last for more than three months. Easy to apply and clean. It can be applied to front windshield, side window glass, glass roof of open car and so on.

Shake up the liquid ater the upper cover screwed. Apply it under a good weather. Remove the dust, dirt and oil layer on the surface of glass with super oil stripper and dry the surface totally. Use the attached lttle sponge dipping some liquid and applying evenly in a 30 square cm2 step by step. Wipe the applying part after 2 minutes until it looks shine. If it in winter, warm up the glass before applying. If keeping the applying parts out of water after it give off luster, the dry permeability and durability shall be obviously improved. In case of spot (after dry), apply again on the parts with spots, and then the spots will be removed. Suggestion:Please change the windshield washer to clean water after operation, to get more lating effect.