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G-7078 Sunshine Car Wax

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Product details

Long-lasting silicone car wax is the latest concept in auto cleaning products. A unique mixture of cleaners, conditioners, and that can make any car shine like the sun! Car wax will professionally clean and protect your car’s dull and faded finish. Car wax is an exceptional wax that will protect your car with a durable long-lasting finish all the time!

Shake up the product before use. Wash the car surface to remove all dirt. Pour some liquid on a soft cloth and apply to the car surface in a circular motion. Let dry completely to a fine haze, and buff off with another clean soft cloth. Buff to a deep lustrous shine. Make sure that the car surface is cooled down before applying car wax.

Keep away from the touch of children This product contains petroleum distillates. If swallowed by accident, include vomiting and ask for medical help immediately. If splashed in eyes, flush the eyes with running cool water for 15 minutes and turn to a doctor for help.