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This product is a kind of adhesive remover made of imported raw materials with special formula. lt has so strong removing ability that it can tear down such sticky substances as self-adhesive paper sticking to the surfaces of vehicle windows, vehicle bodies, paint films and marbles and also easily remove the residual adhesive paste of self-adhesive part without any damage to the surface. This product has fresh fragrance,just spray it gently,and it can reach a satisfactory removing effect.
1. Please shake the can before application; do not turn the can upside and down during application;
2.Rive off the sticky label,spray it evenly in a distance of 20-50cm away from the paper self-adhesive,after the solution penetrate into it,remove the stick label gently.
3.lf there is a adhesive dirt on the car, spray it evenly in a distance of 20-50cm away from the dirt; when the solution is thoroughly absorbed by the dirt but not completely dry,wipe it off with a cloth;
4.The color under the label may be different from those of other places if the stubborn sticky label is removed from the window or car body because this place hasn't been exposed under sunlight for a long time.

Please do not spray the product onto original labels (such as labels desiqnating the manufacturer, type and grade of cars which are adhered on the new car) and car license.Do not damage the coating of the car when removing sticky labels. Please do not use the product for plastic resin surface to avoid color fading. Please do not use the product under high temperature to avoid stains on the coating surface.