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Apply GETSUN care cream with sponge to the target surface cleaning with circler motions till all dirt absorbed on the sponge.Clean the dirty sponge with water and then wring it with a piece of dry cloth wrapped outside.
This product is made from good silicon oil and importing extract of inartificial plant. lt is produced producing with the process of making cosmetics(the product proved to be no side effects when
contacting directly with skin).lt can effectively decompose and clean up the dirt and stains seated deeply in the dermatoqlyph and recover the qloss of the leather instantly. it is a healthy, environmental and newly designed protecting product for leather, easy to use and store,economical and with good durability
Extract of natural plant from Brazil. importing silicon oil,GETSUN unique cleaning ingredient,super sterilization liquid, leather retaining protein and anti-static agent.
Store at a place without direct sunlight;screw up the cover after use; keep out of the touch of children to avoid swallowing by accident: do not apply it to frosted finish leather and budge leather: please test in a non-conspicuous position before apply in a large scale to avoid causing unnecessary problems.Can use for Leather,leather seating, leather bed, leather garment, leather bag, leather shoes purse and so on.