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G-6049 Laser Brightening Wax

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Product details

Different from the traditional car wax, this product contains many kinds of wax, optica lbrighteners and silicone resin, which can be more effective to prevent the car paint from being eroded by contaminant, acid rain, ultraviolet light. It gets the features like delay the carpaint burn-in, promote the  gloss of the  paint surface, improve the  stain resistance performance of the paint surface. This product is liquid state which is easy to strike and wipe, convenient for operation.

1. Clean the car body and wipe dry.
2. Shake the product evenly, put a small amount of brightening wax on the fine sponge and smear on the paint surface evenly.
3. Wait 3-5 minutes, then wipe with clean pure cotton towel.

1. Flammable. Keep away from open fire and hot source.
2. Keep out of reach of children. Contacting with eyes and mouth are forbidden. If contact with eyes and mouth, wash with large amount of water and find medical help in time.                                     
3. Stock under O-40C cool and dry ventilated environment.