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This product is made of thermoplastic Acrylic Resin; it is excellent weather resistance and strong adhesive power, easy to spray with minimal loss. It should be widely used in spraying and repairing of surface of metal, wood, glass, leather, porcelain, ABS plastic and many other kinds of materials.

1.The surface must be free of grease, rust, moisture, wax etc. if necessary, sand (send) to remove rough spots.
2.Protect the surrounding area from spray mist. Use it at a room temperature around 20℃.
3.Shake can vigorously for one or two minutes before use. Hold the can 15-25cm from the object to be sprayed, press button firmly and spray back and forth. (Recommendation: spray on a paper for test to ensure that the color will match the object.)
4.To ensure the best result, spray a second or third coat (time) 10 minutes later.
5.Clean nozzle immediately after use by turning can upside down and spray for a few seconds.

●Please do not spray it on objects with direct contact with food.
●As for uncertain furface (surface), please apply testing of lacquering on a small area. Then start the lacquering 10 minutes later if there comes no untoward effect.  
●During lacquering, please keep the gas can upright; and the include angle with horizontal surface should be less than 45℃.
●Please apply the lacquer in places of good air circulation. The coating effect will be better in a cool, dry and dustless environment.  
●Please do not apply the lacquer on a rainy day or in a freezing environment.
●If it splashes into the eyes, please clean the eyes with fresh water immediately and then ask for a doctor.
●Put it in a place unreachable for children.
●It’s inflammable. Please store it in a place with temperature under 40℃. 
●Keep it away from sources of heat and fire.  
●Insolation (exposure), puncture and burning are prohibited.