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The product can quickly get dry and form a metal mirror with extreme strong decoration effect. Additionaly,it can effectively resist uv radiation,increase the anti-aging perfomrance,and prevent the metal surface from rusting.Since it easily gets damaged in its appearance, it is not suitable to be used in parts where frequent friction and collision occur.With fine covering power,the product needs no matching primer.

It is applicable for the base material of metal, glass,plastics,glabrous wood and ceramic, etc.

●Clean the surface of the sprayed article to prevent dust,dirt and grease,etc. 
●Shake the pot hard for 30 seconds until the lacquer is mixed well,and spray the article evenly from 15-25cm away.
●The optimal effect can be achieved when the product does not flow down.
●lt is suggested not to use the lacquer as covering coating.Otherwise,the mirror effect will be destroyed.Do not use the lacquer under the environmentwhere much adhesion is needed.
●Spray it in rainy days or under severe environment as seldom as possible.Since it easily gets damaged in its appearance,it is not suitable to be used in parts where frequent friction and collision occur.

The product is flammable,so it should be stored in cool and ventilated places. No collision,puncture, or burning of the lacquer pot is allowed. Keep it away from children to avoid danger. If itis splashed into eyes,wash it immediately with clean water,and see a doctor quickly. If it is eaten by mistake,try to vomit and see a doctor fast.