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This product is composed of special mirror resin and special metal optical variability pigment and adopt Helioson special formula technology and manufacturing technique.The surface willshow metal silver color under the weak light, and get bright and fresh colorful frames under direct light, and it will appear different color as the observing angles vary.This product is an environmental protection and environmental friendly type spray agent without benzene.lt is easy and flexible to operate and gets excellent spray fog effect.The paint film can dry easily and gets high richness.The color and lustre will be sustained,the combination property,like weather fastness, adhesive force, gloss, hardness, flexibility, impact resistance, is excellent.The colors are abundant and gorgeous, the decoration effect is good, which gets excellent protection and decoration function.Extensively apply to the surface decoration of multiple smooth base material like metals, timbers whose surface has been worked,glasses, ABS plastic. It can be widely used in the surface decoration of cars,home appliances,phones,toys,crafts, packing(cosmetics,wine,tobacco bale), home decoration, sports instruments(bicycle, golf clubs head, fishing rod), leather,wallpaper and every kind of anti-fake field.

1.Before using, remove the grease dirt, water blot and dust of the parts that need to spray completely.
2.For the sunk parts of the substrate, fill up and make evenly with putty and rubdown.
3.Polish the rust parts and clean up.
4.Before spraying, shake the can up down left right for about 2minutes until the paint liquid mixes fully uniformly.
5.Before spraying, find a test panel to spray a small area to confirm veracity of the selecting color.
6.Keep 15cm-30cm distance to the object surface,and use the index finger to press the sprayer to spray to and fro in constant speed.
7.Spray repeatedly, it can get better effect to spray a thin layer every 1-2 minutes rather than complete by one time.
8.For the residual small amount paint that can not spray out, rotate the sprayer for 180 , then spray.
9.If it can not use up at a time, invert the can before stocking,press down the sprayer for about 3seconds, clean the residual paint of the sprayer to prevent blocking.

1.For the unknown material, spray a small area, if there is no untoward effect after 10 minutes, it can be used.
2.When spray, keep the can upright and the intersection angle with the horizontal plane can not be less than 45 degree.
3.lt is a flammable,pressure container.Do not use or stock near the fire source.Do not puncture the can or put the can into fire.Do not place the cans in the car carriage under the direct sun for a long time in summer. Stock at the 0-40C cool and dry place.Keep away from sunlight,hot source and open fire.Do not strike and do not recycle the empty can to fill.
4.Operation under the ventilated place.The environment should be cool and dry, no dust,which will get better painting effect.
5.Do not operate on rainy days or under severe cold environment.
6.The net weight and the gross weight will be varied as time goes by, it is normal for the aerosol products.
7.The wastage rate is less than 2%/year .
8.Please contact the manufacturer if the scope of application is beyond the laws and regulations except for the executive standard the product executes.
9.Keep out of reach of children.