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This product is an advanced environmental automatic spray agent composed of water-based acrylic resin, ethyl alcohol, co-solvent and water, which will not paste on the bottom and will not absorb the color, even the foam packing material will not dissolve. It gets high gloss, excellent richness and abundant colors which can order the required hue. The excellent weather fastness can be used inside or outside the room without being yellow. Convenient operation, fast drying, low operation flavor, environmental protection. No harmful heavy metal like lead, chrome, mercury and so on.

Apply to hard surface like metal, glass, car mending, timber, vinyl benzene, bath brick, paper, asbestos shingle, plastic(acrylic acid, sand acid polyester, hard oxide ethylene, PES, vinyl benzene). environmental protection, low flavor, high gloss, excellent weather fastness, known as All-purpose Spray.

1.Remove the dirt on the base material surface like dust, paint, wax, rust, mildew and moisture.
2、Before using, shake the can for about 30 seconds and then spray, keep 20cm-30cm distance between the nozzle and the spray surface, spray evenly. 
3、Spray repeatedly, it can get better effect to spray once every 5-10 minutes according to the environment condition.
4、After using, reverse the can and press the nozzle for 2-3 seconds to prevent blocking.
5、The empty cans dispose: reverse the can and press the nozzle to release the oddments completely. If necessary, it is acceptable to open small holes at the positions like valve to release the residual gas.

●This spray agent is flammable, please stock under the 45℃ cool and dry place. Keep away from heat source and open fire. Exposure to the sun, puncturing or burning the can are forbidden. 
●Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray to the objects contacting with food. 
●Use under the ventilated place. When spray, keep the can upright and the intersection angle with the horizontal plane can not be less than 45 degree. 
●If splash into eyes, wash with water immediately, if swallow accidentally, vomit and find medical help. 
●The waste can dispose: before wasting, release the oddments in the can completely, and press the nozzle to release the residual gas, place the empty can to the safe location. 
●The net weight and the gross weight will be varied as time goes by, it is normal for the aerosol products. The wastage rate is less than 2%/year.