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This product is mainly composed of high toughness rubber,super weatherability resin, solvent and pigment, which can solidify naturally and form a flexible film.Gently spray the lacquer surface to change the color of your car's lacquer surface into the color you want. If you don't need it,you can rip it off without leaving any trace.The film also owns moisture-proof,anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-friction and corrosion resistance performance,which is an excellent protection for the lacquer surface.

Use Directions
1.Clean and dry the lacquer surface with the car lotion.
2.Use rubbing compound, polish compound, reductive agent to process the tiny scratches of the lacquer surface before polishing and reduction.
3.Use degreasing agent to clean the residual grease after polishing.
4.Use dedicated plastic shield film to sufficiently cover the car window glass,headlamp,tire and etc.place which do not need to spray.
5.Shake the product, and try to spray it in a tiny area, once confirm that there is no problem(5 minutes later)can spray a large area.
6.Press the spray head,spray back and forth above the surface about 15cm~25cm.Each spray should keep continuous and uniform. After spraying one layer,wait 10 to 20 minutes,and wait for the surface to be dried, then spray the next layer, the spray time should be 4-5 times, it can also increase the layer according to the situation.
7. lt may take about 60 minutes to solidify and dry.
8. lt is recommended to work in the dustfree workshop to avoid the dust attaches onto the film while the surface is drying.

●Do not work under the gale and high temperature condition.
●Before spraying, sufficiently cover the objects'surface around which do not need to spray.
●While spraying, the angle between the spray can and the horizontal angle should not be less than 45 degree.
●After all are worked, take 4~8 hours to dry naturally, and it is not recommended to wash the car in 2 days.lf the spray works not normal in the low temperature in winter,you can immerse it in the 25~30 degree centigrade water for 5~10 minutes before working.
●lf it is not use up once,invert it for 3 seconds to remove the excess material from the valve for the next time use.
●After spraying,the objects' surface should avoid touching diesel, alcohol and etc.organic solvent.
●Please store in the environment below 40 degree centigrade,and keep away from heat source and open flame.
●lt is strictly forbidden to exposure to the sun,puncture or burn.
●Stay away from kids,avoid contact with the eyes,and forbid ingestion.Don't peel off when the paint surface at a high temperature.