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This product is made of waterborne material, which is easy to be used and gives an even and fine spray.It's environmental and does not hurt skin.A kind of hard covering film can come into being on the paint surface,which can prevent the applying surface from nicking and UV rays. Also,it can be camouflage and can be easily cleaned with water.The product is suitable for outdoor sport of vehicle and covering and camouflage on some construction.

1.Shake well before use.Keep it 15-30cm away from the surface to be sprayed and press down the spray head with the index finger and lacquer to-and-fro at uniform speed.
2.In case of little that cannot be ejected,turn the nozzle 180° and try again. 
3.lf the lacquer is not finished after lacquering and before storage,turn it upside down and press down the spray head for 3 seconds to clean up the lacquer remained forfear of blocking.

1. Do not spray it on obiects with direct contact with food.
2.When applying,keep the can upright; and the included angle with horizontal surface should be less than 45°.
3.Apply at a well-ventilated place.Apply in a cool.dry anc dustless environment to get better coating effect.
4.Do not apply on a'rainy day or in a freezing environment.
5.lf splashed into eyes, wash with running water immediately and ask for medical help.
6.Keep ouf the reach of children.
7.Inflammable;store at a place under 40℃.Keep'away from heat source and flame. Insolation, puncture and incineration are prohibited