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G-2004 Cooling System Flush

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Product details

It could effectively clean the water scale, rust, sludge, and all kinds of dirt in the water-cooling system of the water tanks and the engines for the common automobiles within 10 minutes. The product does not contain acid and alkali. Also it could completely clean the water tanks, which have not been cleaned for a long time with seriously accumulated water scale and rust. After using this product, it can improve the cooling efficiency and engine power to save energy, reduce consumption and prolong the service life of engine.

1. Run the engine idly for 5 minutes, then let out the liquids, fil the radiator with this product and then fi with clean water;
2. Start the engine to the normal temperature, and then run the engine idly for 10-20 minutes, if the radiator has not been washed for a long time or the scales are very serious, need to prolong the time of cleaning; 
3. Tur off the engine, pour out the water in radiator, and then add with clean water, then pour it out after5 minutes; 
4. For small car (water volume below 10 liters), use a full can of this product, for big car (water volume above 10 liters), use two full cans of this products;
Tools and products needed: rag, Cooling System Flush; It needs about 40 minutes to finish this operation.

1.Keep out of reach of children;
2.Avoid direct sunlight and temperature over 40℃.