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This product is a kind of freeze resistance, high-enriched ice remover, which gets obvious thawing effect. It can remove the frost and snow or ice on the windshield surface or inside the key hole effectively under -40℃. Simple and convenient and fast to use. Just spray, shovel, smear, then the ice removes away.

1. Apply this product at a well-ventilated place and shake evenly before using.
2. Spray to the ice on the windshield surface or inside the key hole at a distance of 30-40cm. If there are ice blocks, shovel the ice blocks with the cover and then spray this product.
3. Wipe and clean the glass surface with dry cloth or lint.

1. Be careful not to hurt the surface and the rim of the glass when remove the ice with the cover.
2.Keep out of the reach of children.
3.If get eye-touching accidentally, flush with clear water immediately and find medical help.
4.When spray, keep the can upright and the intersection angle with the horizontal plane can not be less than 45 degree.
5.Store the product at the place under 40℃. Don’t place it in the car. Stay away from heat source and open fire. Do not exposure the can to the sun, puncture or burn the can.
6.The net weight and the gross weight will be varied as time goes by, it is normal for the aerosol products. The wastage rate is less than or equal to 2%/year.