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Contained high performance rubbing ingredient,rapid and safe remove the paint blemish, light scratch, dirty mark and other contaminant,The special buffer type fomula raised the safety factor of lapping. It made the user trust an operation ,not easy to damage the paint surface,lt remain a sninningnrolichIThu rneration is in brief easy.Repeating paint light scratch, scratch by washing and polish.I ne operaton is orei casy.nopeny pu can acquire a fimer transparent passivation layer.

1.Clean up the surfane of lacquer surfance make judgement on the deep ofo the scratcj. If the scratch too deep,thes product is not apply for.If the scratch is light,we can take some scratch remover on soft damp cloth and wipe the lacquer surfan=ce with little pressure till the scratch disappeared(Rdpeatalbe).
2.Done by cleaning up with soft cloth.

●Do not use in shooting sunlight,and car body still deliver hot inside, it has to be cool down by water before operating when the car body still deliver hot inside.
●Clean up by wet tower when it sprayed by mistake on glass.
●Car body should be washed up afeer using this product,can not be leaved for too long time.
●Keep away from children.
●Storage temperture:-25°C~+45℃.