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G-1119A Metal Polish

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This product has the functions of cleanness,polishing, lightening and bleach. It can widely be used in car,hotel, restaurant, factory, office, school, bathroom, lounge and family; it can be used in basin, faucet,stainless steel, lead product,ceramic tile, wall, floor,lacquer fridge, washing machine,dryer,shop,metal, concrete floor, bathroom and wood product.

Pour it on the wet wipes or soaked sponge,scibble on the surface of objects,and then wipe it with a clean rag or sponge.For the obstinate surface dirt, scrub object surface and corner with a clean brush, then wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.Polish the object surface with a dry cloth, if necessary. For the object touched to food,rinse it with clean water before being used again.

1.Store it in a ventilated cool dry place below 45 degrees and keep it away from fire origin.
2.For the objects be used in, please try it within a small range and make sure it is all right before using it again.
3.Keep it away from children.