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G-7095A Rubberized Undercoat

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This product can adhere tightly onto the chassis to prevent metal parts from rusting for a long time. It can seal the screws in the chassis to avoid the loosing of screws So as to ensure the driving safety. Prevent the chassis from collision caused by sand and rock, deaden the noise of tire during driving and bring the persons in car with peace and comfort. It is aging resistant, rust preventive, oil resistant, acid and alkaline resistant, which can greatly reduce the noise and prevent collision; high curing ingredients, coating thickness, without vertical flow and easy to use; with water as the dispersion medium and environment friendly.

Clean the surface of new or old vehicles thoroughly with high pressure water jet, especially the oil stains. In case of the rust layer on the old car, remove the rust thoroughly, blow-dry the surface and then cover the parts not to be sprayed with paper (which include tailpipe, engine, water

tank, spring bumper and chassis ) Pull off the can cap, set up our specially designed spray gum, shake well and spray from a distance of 25cm. Spray via a regular method to get a thin layer, repeat this process for 3 times at an interval of at least 10 minutes at normal temperature until it feels dry by fingers. After the first spray, repair and strike off the holes, cracks and connectors with cracking repair and then repeat the spray process. When the undercoating thickness reaches 2mm, better noise deadening effect shall be obtained.

●Apply this product at a well-ventilated place. Keep away from flame within 24 hours after applying. ●Do not apply this product with can upside down. ●keep away from children. ●If splash into eyes, wash with running water immediately and then seek medical cares. ●please store it at a place below 45℃ and without direct sunlight.●Keep away from heat sources and flame.