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This product has particular rust prevention and anticorrosion functions. It can fast and effectively form a special protection film to absolutely protect rubber and metal at the bottom of vehicles from corruption of steam and attack of stones and greatly reduce noise. It is especially suitable for the bottom of vehicles, luggage boots, sand boards and the pot hole of wheel, etc. the product quality can meet the professional requirements of all vehicle-making factories.

1. Clean and dry the surface to be sprayed. Ensure that the surface to be sprayed is clean and dry and of no dust, oil and oil film. The part not to be sprayed must be enveloped.
2. the product should be shaken evenly before and during use.
3. this product must be sprayed on an unexposed part or a waste article for a test
4. This product should be sprayed evenly up and down 20-40cm far away from the surface. The part sprayed incorrectly can be cleaned immediately with cloth impregnated with kerosene or volatile liquid.
5. when most of this product is used up and the rest can’t be sprayed, try to press the jet nozzle and rotate the can until the material in it can be sprayed
6. after use, clean the jet nozzle, reverse the can until clean gas can be sprayed
7. This product can absolutely be dried 4-6 hours after it sprayed depending on operation temperature.

●This product can’t be stored in the luggage boots or vehicles for a long time
●Don’t spray this product on the article directly contacting food
●On spraying, keep the can be upstanding and the angle between it and horizontal level not less than 45℃(45*)
●Please spray this product at ventilation place. This place should be cool and dry and of no dust. That will be good for finishing effect
●If this product is splashed into eyes, clean them immediately with clean water. Then seek medical advices
●If this product is swallowed, induce vomit immediately and see the doctor
●This product is stored out of reach of children 
●This product is inflammable, please store it below 40℃ far away from flame and heat. It’s forbidden to insolate this product or pierce or burn the can
●Net weight and gross weight will change with time, it is very normal for such product as aerosol. Its wastage rate is not more than 2%/year.

●Turned the used can upside-down on some old newspapers or in a dustbin. Press the spray head for about 2 minutes to eliminated the rest paint in it
●If necessary, make a big hole in the used can to eliminate the rest material in it.

If swallowed, vomit it at once and then get medical help. For eye or skin contact, wash with large amount of water immediately. If scalded accidently, wash with clean water immediately and then get medical help.

Undrinkable! Avoid scald! Keep out of reach of children.