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G-2003 Cooling System Leak Stopper

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Product details

This product is mixed with various antifreeze and coolants. It includes natural plant fiber, highperformance firming agent, anti-foam agent, anti-corrosive agent and anti-rust agent, thus could prevent leakage in the cooling system for water tank, warm wind radiator, cylinder, water pump, water seal and cylinder liner etc. And also it will not choke the radiator passage or damage the components in the cooling system. This product could prevent corrosion and rust, So that it could extend the life expectancy of the water tank and save the cost and time for maintenance.

1. Shake well before use; 2.Start engine and keep it run to normal temperature with thermostat and heater open; 3. Put all the liquid into water tank, and one bottle can be mixed with 5-25L of coolant; 4. it will take effect after the engine runs for 5 minutes
with the heater open; 5. Run the engine continuously for at least 1 hour after adding the product.
Necessary tools: cloth and GETSUN cooling system leak stopper. It takes around 70 minutes to operate.

1.Keep out of reach of children;
2.Avoid direct sunlight and temperature over 40℃.