Little knowledge about daily car maintenance


Car maintenance "three filters" first
"Three filters" refers to air filters, oil filters, and gasoline filters. It is a level that air, oil, and gasoline must pass. It provides clean oil and gas to the engine, thereby protecting the engine. Improved engine efficiency.
A, air filter
When cleaning the air filter, remove the filter element and use a soft brush to brush the dust on the surface of the filter element in the direction of the crease, and gently tap the end surface to remove the dust. At this time, pay attention to block both ends of the filter element with a clean cloth or rubber plug to prevent the dust from entering the inner surface of the filter element.
Be careful not to wash the filter element with water, diesel, or gasoline, because the dust will block the filter element pores after wetting, which makes it clumsy and increases the air resistance, and the diesel is easily sucked into the cylinder, causing the flying car to start after installation.
If you find that the filter element is damaged, or the upper and lower end surfaces of the filter element are warped, or the rubber seal is aging, deformed or damaged, you should replace it with a new one.
B, oil filter
Generally, the oil filter is changed at the same time as the engine oil is changed every 5000 kilometers.
C, gasoline filter
Use standard gasoline, as unqualified gasoline can cause fuel system failure and premature engine damage.
When it is found that the fuel supply is insufficient, the engine power is reduced, and the vehicle is weak, check whether the filter element is blocked.
Generally, the fuel filter should be replaced every 15,000 kilometers.