Qingming is the most Acacia, all things send thoughts


Tomb-sweeping Day is a special day on which we worship our ancestors and express our condolences. Also on this day, know how to cherish and understand life.


Waiting for Tong Shihua

When spring comes, all things are revived, and until the Qingming season,

The sun is strong, the white tung flowers are blooming, and the fragrance is pleasant.

The second voles turn into quails

The voles, unable to bear the heat of the sun, hid in their burrows,

Birds love the warmth of the sun and peck everywhere.

Three waits, Hong Shi sees

Qingming Hongqiao sees the rain and the early sunshine.

Tomb-sweeping Day was just a solar term at the beginning.

"Qingming Festival, order silkworm concubines, control silkworms..."

On this day of the year, the temperature warms and the rainfall increases,

It's a good time for spring ploughing and spring planting.

Therefore, there is a saying that "before and after Qingming, plant melons and beans".

When the Qingming Festival and the Cold Food Festival meet,

Gradually, the custom of sweeping tombs to worship ancestors came into being.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Jie Zitui, a loyal minister of Jin State,

Open-minded, loyal to the king, buried in the sea of fire,

"Cut the flesh and serve the king with all his heart. I hope that the lord will always be clear and bright."

To commemorate Jie Zitui, Jin Wen Gong decided the Cold Food Festival,

No smoking, eat cold food,

Since then, people have been sweeping graves on this day.

Because it is close to Qingming, the two sections are the same.