Daily maintenance of lubrication system


A, engine oil is not good
The amount of oil in the oil pan should be controlled within the upper and lower graticules of the dipstick and should not be too much or too little.
If the engine oil is too much, the frictional resistance of various parts of the engine will increase, and the engine power will be lost. Moreover, too much oil will pour into the combustion chamber, the engine burns oil, the oil consumption will increase significantly, the internal carbon deposits of the engine will increase, and even lead to premature combustion, knocking, and cylinder pulling, which will seriously damage the engine. Bing.
Conversely, if the engine oil is too small, some parts of the engine cannot be sufficiently lubricated, causing abnormal wear of the parts.
B. Inspection of engine oil
Regularly checking the amount of oil is an important task in daily maintenance.
When checking the oil level, the car must remain level. After the engine has stopped, wait a few minutes for the oil to return to the oil pan.
Take out the oil dipstick, wipe it with a clean cloth, and reinsert the oil dipstick until it gets stuck in the end.
Then take out the dipstick again and observe if the oil level is between max-Dmin.
If the oil level is below the following mark, you should add the same type of engine oil that meets the product specifications according to the requirements in the user manual or the service station's recommendation. About one liter of engine oil can make the oil film oil level on the dipstick reach online.
C. Inspection of engine oil quality
While checking the level of the engine oil, you can also check the quality of the engine oil by checking the color and smelling the nose, so that you can always know the lubrication status of the engine.
Eye view: If the oil is clean and clear, and it is blue-brown or green-brown, it means that the oil is lightly polluted.
If there is water droplets or light yellow milk on the surface of the oil film, it means that water is mixed in the oil.
If the oil is gray and black, it means that the oil has been seriously polluted, and the oil should be replaced in time.
Nose smell: If you can smell a thick gasoline smell with your nose, it means that the cylinder and piston rings, pistons and other components are seriously worn, causing the mixed gas and exhaust gas to leak into the oil pan. At this time, you should go to the maintenance station in time service.
Feel: Twist and pinch a small amount of oil with your hands. If it feels rough, it means that a large amount of metal shavings and other impurities have been mixed into the oil;
If you feel that the engine oil is thin, it is likely due to the dilution of gasoline in the gas mixture. You should go to a service station to repair and change the engine oil.
If you feel that the oil is too viscous and has a gel texture, it means that the oil has aged and deteriorated, and its life has expired, and fresh blood should be replaced in time.