Merry ChristmasI hope these words can be said to you every year


Merry Christmas

Jingle bell, jingle bell

Merry Christmas bell is about to ring

The streets are shining with colorful stars

There is an atmosphere of joy and joy in the air

Prepare a gift for you this Christmas

Hurry up and check it

At the end of the year, it is the busy and busy being chased

Beyond two points and one line, between nine to five

Pick up the key to the fairy tale world in time

This year of mixed flavors, thank you for your sweetness

No matter how long the list of gifts is, it won’t be as long as Christmas Eve with you


Arouse the plot only in fairy tales in the daily life of two points and one line

The romantic Christmas you like, the festive ritual you want

Today, all are hidden in this tweet

Love in winter, Christmas street lights gradually light up

Ode to the end of the year, the overture has been played here

This year of mixed flavors, fortunately, there is still the sweetness you give

In the new year, may all the haze in this world disappear

Get out of the fog and meet Xiao Meihao again

Wish you a happy Christmas

And the new year has more happiness

 and more health

Guangzhou Heli Lions Automotive Products Co., Ltd. wishes you a Merry Christmas