How often does the car need to be waxed? Is waxing effective?


Car waxing is the most common car beauty maintenance project at the moment. However, many people have different views on car waxing. Some car owners think that waxing is necessary, and they will wax every third. Some car owners think that waxing Wax is not necessary at all.
Should the car be waxed? How often do you wax? How to choose car wax?
Why wax?
Waxing can effectively prevent the aging and fading of car paint.
Because the car is driven or stored all year round, it is easy to cause the aging and fading of the car paint due to light, and the film formed by waxing can reflect part of the light, effectively avoiding the aging and fading of the car paint.
Secondly, waxing can also prevent water and acid rain. Due to the protection of car wax, the amount of water droplets attached to the body will be reduced. The effect is very obvious, and it can achieve 50% to 90% protection.
The last is anti-static and dust-proof. The friction between the car and the air generates static electricity while driving, and the car wax can effectively block the friction between the body and the air and dust. Without the electrostatic car, the adsorption of dust is naturally reduced, and the car wax can also play a glazing effect, making the car look newer and more beautiful.
Waxing is different from coating and sealing
Waxing is to apply wax to the paint surface. Car wax is a semi-solid, which can only protect the car paint simply. It can generally be protected for 1 month, and the wax will gradually fall off and fail.
The coating is to coat a special material on the body surface to protect the car paint and make the car body look shiny and beautiful, which can be maintained for more than 1 year.
Sealing glaze is to apply a little bit of glaze on the lacquer surface with a sanding machine and polish and compact it. The glaze has permeability and will penetrate into the fine lines of the lacquer surface, so in addition to the same function as the coating, it can also repair small Paint damage. Can be maintained for more than 2 months.
How often do you wax?
The rain water in the south contains a lot of acidic substances, and there is more rain, so the waxing frequency can be relatively more, while the north does not need to wax frequently.
Cars parked in the garage can be waxed once every four months; parked in the outdoor parking lot and waxed once every two months.
In general, when you touch the body with your hand and feel it is not smooth, you can wax it again. However, it should be noted that the wax retention time is relatively short, generally about 1-2 months according to the actual car use, and it is afraid of water. The car will wax off to varying degrees every time the car is washed. In general, after two or three times of washing The wax layer is completely gone.
Therefore, regular waxing is required to do body maintenance work.
How to choose car wax?
There are many types of car waxes, with solids and liquids. The quality and performance of different types of car waxes are also very different, which leads to different functions and effects. Therefore, care must be taken when selecting them. Improper choices cannot only be maintained. Instead, the car body discolors the paint.
In summer, UV-resistant car wax should be used. When the driving environment is poor, tree wax should be used with outstanding protection. When choosing car wax, you must also consider adapting to the color of the car paint. Generally, the dark car paint uses black, red, and green series, and the light car paint uses silver, white, and pearl color series.
Do not wax the new car casually. It is very unscientific to wax the new car as soon as it is brought back, because the surface of the car body comes with a layer of wax when the car leaves the factory. At this time, waxing will destroy the original car wax. Generally speaking, there is no need to wax the new car within half a year.
to sum up
Car waxing is just like oiling leather shoes in our lives. It is very common.
Its main function is to keep the car paint in a relatively new state, to make the car paint bright and bright, and to prevent the car paint from aging and fading. The variety of car wax should be determined according to the needs of the car. In addition, it must be maintained in a professional car beauty shop to ensure craftsmanship and service.

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