You should know that the fallen leaves hurt the car, but you didn't expect it to be so serious!


Although it has been a few days since autumn, the temperature has not yet entered the rhythm of autumn, but the leaves on the trees have begun to fall a little naturally. The golden leaves give the streets and vehicles a romantic feel.
But do you know? If the vehicle is parked in the shade for a long time, a few fallen leaves can cause harm to your purse and car.
Injury car paint
In the event of violent storms and rain, the branches are likely to scratch the surface of the car paint, and the fallen leaves are likely to chemically react with the car paint. Not only is the mark of the fallen leaves difficult to clean, the gum also corrodes the car paint, especially the ordinary white car paint, which will gradually lose its luster and show signs of yellowing.
Pollution air conditioning filter
 Most of the leaves that fall naturally in autumn are relatively small, or even broken leaves. If they happen to fall on the external air inlet of the air conditioner, they may be sucked into the external air intake of the air conditioner. If the air conditioning system is not cleaned for a long time, or the air conditioning filter is not replaced for a long time, the fallen leaves will gradually rot and deteriorate, resulting in a moldy odor. Not only hurting the car will also affect the driver's health.
Clogged drain
Fallen leaves soaked in rain are easy to carry sediment and fine particles. If it accidentally falls into the drain hole in the wiper slot or the sunroof drain hole to block it, it will not only damage the spare parts, but also cause rain to seep into the car. If it enters the drain hole in the wiper slot, it may also seep into the engine compartment.

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