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Mr. Yang and his friends

Mr. Yang and his friends Let’s review Mr. Yang’s birthday party on May 5th Guest reception Cheers and happy birthday to Mr. Yang The party was drawing to a close, here comes the best wishes to you,  may your dearest wishes through all the years in store come true, and make you happier than you have ever been before. Happy birthday, Mr. Yang.

The 131st Online Canton Fair Of Guangzhou Helioson Car Care Co.,Ltd

We sincerely invite you to attend Guangzhou, China Meet you on the online canton fair Dear Ladies/Gentlemen:   Hello! We herely sincerely invite you to attend the online show hosted by Guangzhou Helioson Car Care Co.,Ltd. on 15th April,2022. Our canton fair live show mainly introduce the use and effect of car care products. We sincerely invite you to attend and appreciate your support and guidance!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Guangzhou Helioson Car Care Co.,Ltd Guangzhou Helioson Car Care Co,Ltd. a strategic partner of 4-X Company, a famous enterprise based in USA, is a professional, refined and high-tech chemical industrial company, engaged in research,manufacture, sale and service. The company was founded in 2008 --- when the Olympic Games was held in Beiing and situated at a beautiful place CongHua possessing the current area of nearly 10,000 square meters of modern buildings, equipped with large number of advanced experimental and production equipments ,specially designed and introduced from top plant in Switzerland and China ,such as professional equipments of emulsification and ultra-pure water treatment centers, with an annual production capacity of 45 million cans, as well as a warehouse storage capacity of 2,500 tons for raw materials and finished products. Since establishment, the company has been taking the technology as a core, innovation as its greatest impetus in compliance with the market operation norms, comitted to build a powerful and advanced R&D center and a harmonious enterprise image so as to realize the social responsibility of the enterprise. 0wing to its specialized concept, humanized management, excellent service and good business reputation, the company has made briliant performance in the same field and its prominent status is continuously protruding with the popularization of four brands of GETSUN, 4-X,0.DELIGHT and MARPA as well the complete range of more than 200 different items.       ​  

Maintenance is the key×tamp=1649237824&use_new_style=1&req_id=202204061737030101381722320D047CF9&group_id=7082573118375576077&share_token=D9C2E553-D53F-4A28-A484-84333AE10462&tt_from=weixin&utm_source=weixin&utm_medium=toutiao_ios&utm_campaign=client_share&wxshare_count=1 The link comes from the network material, if there is any infringement, please contact in time The key to maintenance Engine exterior cleaner Operate with the vehicle cool, shut off the engine, cover the throttle valve, alternator and distributor. Shake the product well and spray evenly on the engine surface. After standing for 5 minutes, use wool gloves to wipe off the stains. Finally, rinse the foam with water and blow off the water in the engine compartment with an air gun. For hard-to-clean old engines, and for hard-to-clean oil, dust and other stains on the outside of vehicles, ships, and machine engines, it has quick-acting cleaning effects; The magical quick-acting oil removal function can replace gasoline, kerosene, ethanol, acetone, trichloroethylene, trichloroethane and other organic solvents for cleaning, and eliminate the flammable and toxic hazards of organic solvents. {1} Clean the dust and oil stains on the engine surface: The engine surface can be dedusted with a brush or compressed air first, and then use a suitable engine external cleaning agent for scrubbing. Note that gasoline cannot be used as a substitute for special cleaning agents to wash the exterior of the engine. {2} Treatment of rust stains on the surface: For rust spots on metal surfaces such as cast iron, it should be detected and treated early, and it should be treated when small spots are formed, so as to prevent the spots from being enlarged and difficult to handle. The rust spot can be sprayed with a rust remover and then scrubbed. {3} Cleaning of the electrical circuit part of the engine: Specific care products should be used to clean the components of the electrical circuit part of the engine. If it is treated with water and ordinary detergents for a long time, it can only accelerate the aging of its plastic casing and wiring harness rubber, affecting the starting and running of the car. The role of water tank treasure Start the engine and shut down the engine when it reaches normal operating temperature. Open the water tank cover and add an appropriate amount of water tank treasure to the water tank. The best filling amount is between the MAX and MIN scales, and no additional water is required. Start the engine and run it at idle speed for 20-30 minutes at normal temperature, keeping the throttle valve at the highest point Helps prevent the engine from overheating, and has the functions of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-foam, etc. It has a protective effect on cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, solder and rubber parts. Compatible with any antifreeze and cooling water. Take care of the water tank and all cooling system components throughout the year. 1. The water tank treasure (also known as long-term water tank coolant) can protect the engine cooling system from rust and corrosion, can effectively inhibit the formation of scale, prevent the water tank from overheating, reduce the evaporation of the coolant, and provide lubrication for the water pump thermostat and other components . 2. The water tank has a low freezing point and a high boiling point, which can provide long-term comprehensive protection for the water tank. It can be mixed with various high-quality coolants and antifreezes that meet the standards, and it can avoid damage to the cooling system due to the use of inferior coolants. 3. Its excellent performance can be widely used in cooling systems of various automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engine units, etc. 4. It helps to prevent the car engine from overheating, and has the functions of anti-boiling (boiling) in summer, anti-freezing in winter, anti-corrosion, anti-scaling, anti-rust, anti-foam, etc. 5. It has a protective effect on cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, solder and rubber parts. 6 Compatible with any antifreeze and cooling water. Take care of the water tank and all cooling system components throughout the year to escort your travel.

Qingming is the most Acacia, all things send thoughts

Tomb-sweeping Day is a special day on which we worship our ancestors and express our condolences. Also on this day, know how to cherish and understand life.   Waiting for Tong Shihua When spring comes, all things are revived, and until the Qingming season, The sun is strong, the white tung flowers are blooming, and the fragrance is pleasant. The second voles turn into quails The voles, unable to bear the heat of the sun, hid in their burrows, Birds love the warmth of the sun and peck everywhere. Three waits, Hong Shi sees Qingming Hongqiao sees the rain and the early sunshine. Tomb-sweeping Day was just a solar term at the beginning. "Qingming Festival, order silkworm concubines, control silkworms..." On this day of the year, the temperature warms and the rainfall increases, It's a good time for spring ploughing and spring planting. Therefore, there is a saying that "before and after Qingming, plant melons and beans". When the Qingming Festival and the Cold Food Festival meet, Gradually, the custom of sweeping tombs to worship ancestors came into being. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Jie Zitui, a loyal minister of Jin State, Open-minded, loyal to the king, buried in the sea of fire, "Cut the flesh and serve the king with all his heart. I hope that the lord will always be clear and bright." To commemorate Jie Zitui, Jin Wen Gong decided the Cold Food Festival, No smoking, eat cold food, Since then, people have been sweeping graves on this day. Because it is close to Qingming, the two sections are the same.  
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