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Polish Furniture

This product contains special polymer and silicone material.which could completely clean the dirt on the leather, rubber, plastic or wooden products. lt could form a special protective layer on the object surface,which could effectively prevent fading indurations and chapping, and keep the object surface soft and brilliant for a long time.Meanwhile,it has the function to prevent static electricity and dirt, the usage is very simple.you just need spray the product and wipe.the procedures for din removing, polishing and protection can be finished.
It can be applied on the various instrumental panels,electric appliance,leather sofa leather seat.artificial leather.rubber.tire.bumper.water proof board plastic anc wooden furniture(except the raw wood) etc
1.Shake up the product before using it.
2.Evenly spray the product at a distance of 15-25cm,and then gently wipe it with a piece of cloth, and the polish will appear.
 Do not spray the product on the floor (in case of slippery floor),glass (in case of unclearness),fiber or the fabrics surface.● Do not apply the product on the places which lead to easy slipping or difficult control,such as foot pedal, hand lever, steering wheel, motorbike seat, bike tire,drum brake and other slippery surface.● Do not spray the product on the obiect which has direct contact with food. For eve contact,wash with large amount of water immediately,and get medical help. Keep it away from children. Please keep it at dry and cool place.● Don't place it in the car

Period of validity:3years Executing Standard:Q/HLSS8 Production Date:See Bottom of can